YAPC::Asia 2006 Tokyo

March 29-30 2006, Tokyo

Accommodation Plan for YAPC::Asia

For attendees from overseas and aliens in non-Tokyo Japan, we'd like to put some information regarding accommodation plan in Tokyo here.

Unfortunately, the conference venue Ota City PiO doesn't come with any accommodation, and it's a little far from the central Tokyo. But the venue is pretty close to the "Keikyu-Kamata" station and using the Keikyu Line Express it's just one-stop for bigger towns like Shinagawa and Kawasaki.

Hotels in Kamata area

Toyoko Inn (#1), (#2) is pretty cheap hotel (55 USD Single and 67 USD Double) in Kamata area. Since it's in Kamata it's very close to the conference venue (it may be less than 15 minutes walk from the conference venue).

We'd recommend you to take either of Toyoko Inn Kamta #1 or #2 if you don't like to get lost in train transfer for the conference. Note that Toyoko Inn is a so-called "Business Hotel" which means the room is a bit small, and there's nothing interesting to see in Kamata area. You'd like to take trains to go around other Tokyo places to see funny things.

Hotels in Shinagawa area

Toyoko Inn has its hotel in Shinagawa area too. It's still a decent price, ranging from 60 USD Single and 76 USD Double.

Shinagawa Prince Hotel is more expensive, but fancier hotel, ranging from Single: 11,600 Yen (100 USD) and Twin: 17,800 Yen (150 USD) per night.

New Otani Inn is also a fancy hotel in Osaki (one-stop from Shinagawa), ranging from Single: 11,000 Yen (95 USD) and Twin: 21,000 Yen (182 USD) per night.

Shinagawa is one stop from the conference venue and has easier access to the central Tokyo. If you want to get around other Tokyo places (like Akihabara, Asakusa and Shibuya), Shinagawa is the most handy place both for your pleasure and conference.

Other Hotels and Studios

There're more cheap hotels in other Tokyo areas, but most of them

* requires you a complicated transfer process to get to the venue
* doesn't have English website where you can make reservations

so we don't include them here.

But if you really want to find cheaper places, or plan to stay longer than a week and have a weekly studio type of thing, feel free to email us and we can help you. And, you can also email us if you want to find someone to share a twin room if you plan to come to Tokyo alone.

For Japanese residents or aliens

If you live in Japan (non-Tokyo area) and want to find hotels to stay during the conference, you can use Rakuten Travel and other Hotel reservation sites to find Hotels in Shinagawa or Kawasaki area.


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