YAPC::Asia 2006 Tokyo

March 29-30 2006, Tokyo

Conference Party on March 29th

Hey, we have just one week for YAPC::Asia!

We'll have an official conference dinner on 29th March, the 1st night. Here's a detailed schedule.

Date: 2006/03/29 19:00-
Location: Ni-hao, Kamata (Chinese food)
Price: 5,000 Yen

Because the restaurant has a limit of space, we'll open a registration form (signups) for the dinner on March 23rd (Thu) Japanese Time, to accept 100 people from attendees. To whoever signed up for YAPC::Asia, we'll send a quick notice how to register yourself.

We're sorry this dinner is not free, and has a limit of people to get together.

NOTE: Speakers and invited guests don't have to signup.


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