YAPC::Asia 2006 Tokyo

March 29-30 2006, Tokyo

Donated 800 US Dollars to the Perl Foundation

Thanks to the registration fee from massive # of attendees (300 tickets + 15 paypal registrations), we made roughly 198,000 Yen (= 1,700 USD) of benefit in YAPC::Asia account.

Of course, YAPC is a non-profit event and thus we pooled 100,000 Yen to Shibuya.pm account, so that we can use that for an upcoming event, if any. We decided we would donate other than that.

So today, we made 800 US Dollars donation to Perl development fund of The Perl Foundation. You can find my name (Miyagawa, Tatsuhiko) in the middle, which actually represents Shibuya Perl Mongers and YAPC::Asia 2006 Committe. (I noted that Shibuya.pm should be listed there instead of my name, but apparently there name listing system is not flexible enough)


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